Monday, May 21, 2012

Lips of an angel.

The tittle is irrelevant to this post, it's just an old song that i used to listen to it so much recently.

Don't ask me if this is an emo post, no, it's a thank you and appreciation speech i will say.

I've been feeling so great recently that i express everything that i've kept so long.
To my friends. To what comes before storm.

Feeling so thankful to have all of them in my life.
It's good to have someone who can read and understand your thoughts.
It's even better to have someone who allow you to practice your thoughts and be there for you with no holding back (at the moment).

This sentence comes closest to my mind now.
Do something without referring to a strong reason,
i feel so RELIEF with my capricious.

oh yea, birthday wish?

|let it be wrong or right.|

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Midsem break is coming and i can't wait to be back in my lovely hometown!!
However im going back late as im working this weekend!arggghhh!

"what to do miss lim?you will never stop shopping." 
nah i know >.<

but still wish everyone has a happy holiday here! cheers =D

Friday, October 21, 2011

How's life?

I have forgotten that i actually own a blog.!
Nah, just an excuse for myself as im just too lazy to update.

So what now?
Just try to blog when i know there is a book which hastens me to touch it, yeah midterm is around the corner. Fill in my time with blogging and so im excused now mr.MIDTERM ;)

Back to the topic.
An official greeting to all passer by, how's life?

My life is being so happening so far!!!

Had a 10days taiwan trip with my besties!!
we shopped like nobody business there!
arggghhh!wish to shop again!
shopping fever will never bring down for girls am i right?

Back in home from taiwan but it is a new shelter for us now.
Move out from the terrible hostel with besties.
Life is still happening when there is lack of topic and object to gossip with LOL

Back to my coursemate's embrace :)
Love to be with them but sometimes it makes me have some contradiction,
it means that uni hectic life starts oh gosh!

Not a good student so i will never let my hectic life starts immediately.
Partay hard?
nah, just some small relaxation :x

Little gateway to genting after one month we didn't meet each other 
Eagerly looking forward the indian escapade! ;)

Should really get my ass back to where i suppose to be when all the holiday ends?
2 more holidays to go!!
plenty of time to pack my semester with jovial!
but the to-do-list will never empty like this.
Just be prepared.

|i hate to turn on out of the blur uninvited.|

Friday, July 8, 2011

Working holiday

Sneak out from my hometown and have myself a working holiday at kl.
Got myself work at redbox
Yes i always wanted to work there cause i love to sing xD

CCP joins us too =)
all in red
So far it is good and we feel easy to work in this environment.
and i did met some big shot!wow!
more to come kay!

Back to my hometown last week even though i had merely one day to stay over =(
met my family and met the little monster in my house!

say HI to mimi!!!
Lim's new member!
I can forsee that she will grow to be the notorious one!LOL

|Never regret anything cause at one point of time, that was exactly what you wanted|

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

long lost post

it's been sometimes I abandon this site!and now im back to this site for a short post.(testing something new actually xp)

•back to kl to start my working holiday which I think is a brand new experience for me :)
move to a new place and we are settle down now.

•me and yunchian were running here and there for different job.another settle down when we found a fulltime which till now the job is still fresh and interesting for us.

•friends came over.steamboat wil be the best gathering.

•last but now least.i miss my familyyyyy :(

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